Google’s Honeycomb will create serious iPad competitors

The article was first published at Android Tablet World.

Google, initiated another glamorous release to give an audience a break from IOS framework.

This is being told in its recent media event. Company has introduced the opportunity that highlighted the android additions, apparently a new web versions to Android Market.

Version provides new set of developer API’s that is helping individual to experience the optimized tablet experience. It has amazing makeover of Android Home screen that significantly gives the concept of both smartphones and large tablets.

It has well organized robust new 3D visual rendering that supports dual core processors. Features and interfaces seem pretty iterative just like Apple. As far as its functionality is concerned it has unique capabilities of multi-tasking with minimum response time.

Major advancements that is making it a challenge in IOS lane is its smoothness that captures your attention. It gives you amazing experience with amazing blend of windows and IOS services.

It allows you to install widgets and has plenty of space for loading as many web pages as user wants. The amazing part is Honeycomb is capable of launching applications from home screen without opening sub windows.

User will definitely experience the honeycomb outpaces the IPAD is its new way towards popping-up notification and other alerts. Notifications in this version are designed in such a way so they can be less obtrusive than their IPad counterparts.

Despite of IPad whose alerts keep on rendering on home screen until they are not actually opened, leaks privacy. Honeycomb presented marvelous solution in order to bring all actions behind window. User can get both notifications while keeping the data integrity safe.

This is not done yet, there are plenty of reasons that will make you give a second thought before you choose your gadget. Components are really impressive and user friendly. One of the best example I will quote here is about its camera.

Being, iPhone user one has to know the usage before just clicking the simple photo. This confuses users to track on multiple usages to run just a simple app.So, here this version gives you just a single click and capture experience without playing with your little knowledge.

Overall, I my experience went so amazing with its preview. Honeycomb tablets are just like MotrolaXoom and LG- G will be on sale on later of this coming month. It seems a quiet fair and clear that Apple will have a serious competitor in future too. In fact, every single feature is amazing and lovely to experience.

The next generation I pad with advancements will really be your next preference.Despite of limited applications downloading, honeycomb didn’t trouble me in that regard. It rather gave me feasible way of running multiple and free application.

What you think it’s a trap? Will Honeycomb will spell bound its users or its just making unrealistic promises before product release? Google is troubling with a huge brand, comment below to guess the future winning team.

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