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The Complicated New Face of Personal Computing

Personal Computing is a term that has very narrow meaning, when it comes to its actual usages. The next generation personal computer just arrived claiming to be the solution of all the problems in one gadget. Is that really true? Obviously no! When we have mobile phones right here, to check email, Apple I-Pads for giving presentations and to share documents was to Google docs.

Cloud base services like Google Apps, share points and many other sites open an access point so every individual can expand their exposure towards technology and application usages. If we talk about desktop computers today, it is not really the one which may benefit a user in all cases. If I’m a office going person my needs would definitely vary as per my business concerns are. Worldwide, shipments and smartphones rose from 54 million to 77 million just because they are rapidly altering the need of personal computers. It was time when these computers were really placed with great care as they had huge backups of data in them.

Gradually, things change and every individual started taking things handy but just playing and swiping through the screens. Large data is being secured today, within bits of space by several compression algorithms. These simple solutions provoke question like do we really need personal computer today? The most of terrible example, at work place is about shifting the systems which was being supported  by  shifting oneself with personal computers within applications. Remote, feasibility of gadgets have made life far different and actually change perspective being at work.

Web of IT is actually trying to make employees rely on the web free spaces. These free spaces not only provide their data integrity but also make them access their data anytime, anywhere. Today Google and Microsoft have waged a overall public relation war. Google, with one sided Web-bases computing and Microsoft insisting that days of locally installed software are not over. But in actual, the line drawn between the two companies more likely taking towards more mobility of Microsoft and cloud based versions of software offered such as Share-point, office and exchange.

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